portrait julia dressler


Julia Dressler

Training and further education
training in Craniosacral therapy with Anthony Arnold (USA)
5 rhythms dance with Gabrielle Roth (USA)
Journey into the Amazon and ritual work with ayahuasca (2001 - 2002)
holotropic/transpersonal breathwork (2006 - 2012) with Ingo Jahrsetz and Judith Miller (USA)
Systemic – karmic constellation work with Erika Schäfer 2019 - 2022

About myself
The countryside of south east Germany was my childhood home. Naturally I developed a sense of connection to nature as my mother always showed this to me and my sister. Already as a child there was a search beyond words inside of me about the mystery of life. At the beginning of my twenties a deep crisis opened and fundamentally changed my perception into new realms of consciousness – beyond our every day consciousness. In the following years the holotropic breathwork provided a space for me to deepen and intensify these experiences.

Today I live on a farm with my husband and my two children. Living in and with nature has become essential for me. Just as my perception deepens to the plants, animals and other beings it deepens in other fields of life. Living with my children I discover every stage of development in a new way as they grow to become young adults. It is great joy for me get to know and be with them and to support them on their way into life as well as I can. I thank my husband for his commitment in all misunderstandings and difficulties which came up for us in our marriage and being parents. Living and experiencing life together many things could/can heal as we recognize them inside of ourselves.

Professional development
To learn about the physical structures and functions in the physiotherapy training was and still is very enriching for me. The further training in craniosacral therapy encouraged me to perceive the subtle and energetic levels more and more.
To learn more about my body was necessary on my path and allowed me to fully get into my body and grow into my vitality and strength. After quite a while I found the 5 Rhythms work and with it my biggest passion and joy in the dance. One´s dance is a mirror of life and oneself. If you want to know who and what you really are open to your personal dance.
After the holotropic breathwork had been my companion on this path of self exploration for many years I got the chance in 2009 to take part and assist in two training cycles over 6 years. Holotropic breathwork had opened an unlimited realm of experiences for me and had changed my perspective on life in a profound way.
The systemic – karmic constellation work with Erika Schäfer combines family constellation work (Bert Hellinger) with her own form of reincarnation therapy (referring to experiences which show themselves as former lives). This work out of its depth creates a wonderful clarity and order which shows itself naturally when we learn to listen and see. It complements everything I learned so far into a new clarity.

Over and over, again life is a surprise to me. My trust in life itself is strong, even when life leads us through very painful and disturbing experiences. As in every experience there lies a treasure for us, another insight which takes us closer to the one we truly are.