Let's Dance!


„Everyone can dance beautifully.
It is just a matter of practice
to let your energy, your feelings
and your thoughts run through your
body and move with them into your dance."



Everything is movement, fluid, continuously changing - humans and nature. The 5 Rhythms describe the dynamics we naturally live through in our lives. They are the foundation of
my work and are a practice to heal the body, the heart and the mind.

As we dance we trust the movements and impulses which come naturally . That way we will physically be
moved by what moves us inside. Our dance will be shaped by the issues and emotions which are most present for us in our life at that time. Held back or contained energies and blockages may start to dissolve into the dance. This will widen our body as well as our heart and mind. As we become perceptive to the present moment as the base of our being and our action our life may unfold itself from our depth.

In flowing we connect with our body. Staccato addresses our passion looking for expression and dialogue. We let our body speak. Chaos is the rhythm of surrender. As we allow the body to express its movements old patterns dissolve into something new. That is when we enter lyrical - shifting into new shapes,surprising and unpredictable. Stillness gives space. Everything falls into place.
In this movement practice there is no prior experience needed. Everybody becomes a beautiful dancer.

For me this way to dance is a strong and passionate practice towards our true nature. It strengthens our connection to ourselves and to others and nourishes trust, joy and gratitude.